Career History


Web Software Developer

Self-employed, October 2003 to present


  • I produce web-based software and web sites for local businesses and non-profit-making groups, coding in C# /, XML, SQL and, of course, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Related services include copy-writing, production of graphics and logos, Flash slide shows, photography, search-engine optimization and integration with online payment services.

  • I also compile operating manuals and training guides for web-site administrators.



Software Consultant (Contractor)

PMRE, February 2002 to August 2003


  • Developed secure control protocols for intrinsically hazardous environments in material-processing plant.

  • Implemented statistical process control (SPC) techniques to monitor product quality.

  • Produced related technical manuals and other documentation.



Programmer/Consultant in PC-Based Data Acquisition & Control

Self-employed, September 1991 to October 2003


  • Producing PC-based test and measurement software for use in manufacturing and quality control, primarily for the aircraft and automobile industries.

  • I also authored technical manuals and user guides to accompany each system.



Software Engineer

RDP Electronics Ltd, April 1988 to August 1991


  • I designed and produced firmware and PC-based support software for the company's networked data-acquisition modules. My dedicated LVDT linearisation software helped the company to offer extremely high-precision automated measurement solutions.

  • Designed bespoke data-acquisition and control applications software, with responsibility for drafting and approving technical specifications.

  • Compiled manuals and user guides for bespoke systems as well as for off-the-shelf system components.



Research Consultant

University of Birmingham, September 1987 to April 1988


  • Advised members of the University's Applied Nuclear Science group on aspects of their research activities (e.g. fast-neutron spectral analysis, dosimetry, radon-gas monitoring and radiation damage studies of crystalline media), and assisted in composing manuscripts and proof reading prior to publication of reviewed papers.

  • Designed and produced PC-based instrumentation for automated TL spectrometry as well as dedicated control and data-analysis software.




Software Development Experience


  • I have designed numerical models to facilitate prediction of fission-track closure temperatures which are used in oil exploration and other fields of geological research.

  • Developed FORTRAN models of the interaction of high-energy neutrons with various polymers; and used these to design a novel energy-independent personal dosimeter for workers exposed to fast-neutrons.

  • Designed spectrometry hardware together with BASIC control and analysis software for Thermoluminescence research.

  • Produced firmware (in 8031 assembler and 8051 BASIC) and many OPL, Pascal, C, C++ and spreadsheet macro applications for a variety of specialised data-logging equipment used in the aircraft and automobile industries as well as in civil engineering projects.

  • Over the last decade, I have gained considerable experience of C# coding in the Microsoft .Net Framework, particularly for web-based e-commerce and booking systems.

  • I have a good working knowledge of common web-coding technologies, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as XML and MS-SQL.



Technical Writing Experience


  • I have undertaken numerous technical-writing projects, ranging from peer-reviewed academic publications to unpublished technical manuals, application notes, user guides and training notes.

  • A full-length book, PC Interfacing and Data Acquisition, (484 pages) received very favourable reviews. Published in the UK in July 2000, and in the USA during October 2000, the book offers practical guidance on designing measurement and control systems for IT professionals working in industry and academia.

  • Contributed several chapters to a major reference work of 2008, Test and Measurement: Know It All, by leading authors in the field.

  • Conducted pre-publication reviews, and supplied additional material for, a number of books and academic papers by other authors.

  • I have also authored advertising and technical copy for a wide variety of web sites (a very different discipline to writing academic articles and books).

  • In recent years, I have researched and authored a number of articles on local history.

  • Copies of publications, as well as samples of unpublished manuals and user guides, are available upon request. See publications list.



Qualifications, Awards and Professional Memberships


Fellow of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers

Charles House, 36 Culmington Road, London, W13 9NH


  • Member since 1993

  • Elected to the Fellowship in October 2000.

  • The IAP Fellowship, the Institution's most senior grade, is "only available to outstanding professionals by specific invitation of the Council".



Fremlin Prize for Original Research in Radiation Physics

University of Birmingham


  • Awarded the University's 1984 Fremlin Prize for research into radiographic imaging techniques applied to conservation of decorative architectural plasterwork.



PhD Applied Nuclear Science

University of Birmingham, July 1987


  • My PhD thesis was concerned with evaluating the thermal stability of heavy-ion (cosmic-ray and fission) tracks in natural minerals. This information assists geologists and space scientists in interpreting the thermal history of terrestrial, lunar and meteoritic rocks.

  • I also undertook extra-curricular research into an innovative energy-independent dosimetry technique for assessing the exposure of radiation workers to high-energy neutrons.

  • Selected results of both areas of my research were published in peer-reviewed papers in the journals Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements, and Radiation Protection Dosimetry.



MSc Applied Radiation Physics

University of Birmingham, December 1984


  • Placed top of my year in the final written examinations.

  • Project work carried out as part of this course, together with extra-curricular research, formed the basis of an article published in Studies in Conservation (the journal of The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) in 1986.



BSc Physics with Astrophysics - First Class Honours

University of Birmingham, July 1983


  • A three-year degree course similar in structure to conventional undergraduate Physics courses, but with the addition of extra modules (on cosmology, solar physics and stellar physics etc.) and proportionately higher entry standards.




Additional Information




  • Local history, particularly the pre-conquest landscape and settlement of the Stourbridge area. I have published papers on related topics in both academic journals and general-interest magazines, as well as numerous articles which are available online.

  • Recent research includes an analysis of the boundary perambulation of the 951x959 AD royal charter for Swinford, and a paper reappraising the Old English place-name element ofer. The latter was published in 2020 in the Journal of the English Place-Name Society after receiving very positive peer-reviews; comments included “This is an excellent study, meticulous, well researched, knowledgeable and widely referenced.”

  • I am a member of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society, The English Place-Name Society and The Black Country Society.

  • Since 2019, I have assisted the campaigns to protect the local Green Belt from development, designing artwork for leaflets, posters etc. and producing a variety of historical and archaeological reports to inform residents' responses to public consultations.

  • Furniture making, wood-craft and carpentry.

  • Property renovation, undertaking many aspects of building work (e.g. brick/block-laying, floor laying, tiling, plumbing and electrical) as well as garden landscaping and design and construction of bespoke outbuildings.

  • I maintain, on behalf of its owner, a web site for the ex-pupils and staff of the (now closed) Longlands School, Stourbridge. The site includes several hundred old photographs and historical information as well as a purpose-designed forum and contact directory to help old classmates keep in touch.

  • Watercolour painting and line drawing: mainly landscapes.

  • Close-up and landscape photography.



Full UK driving licence


  • Held since 1980.

  • No endorsements.











Dr K James t/a K James Software Development,

22 Beech Road, Norton, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 2AR, UK.

t: +44 (0) 1384 395759